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In FAQ on 20/10/2010 at 21:44

Goodreads ( is a social network for book readers in the world. This site enables people to see “bookshelves” that belong to their friends, including their “[have] read”, “currently reading”, and “to-read” list.

This site has been developed by Otis Chandler since 2006. More than 2 million readers in the world join this site and they have listed more than 40 million titles of books to Goodreads’ database.

Members of Goodreads from Indonesia then set up a group, titled Goodreads Indonesia on 7 June 2007. In last three years, this group approximately has 3,700 members, and they have listed at least 8,700 books, that are written on Bahasa Indonesia. In October 2010, members of Goodreads Indonesia have increased up to 4,200 readers and more than 9,000 titles of books have been listed.

As a community, Goodreads Indonesia always tried to take part in book publishing society in Indonesia, by initiating many activities, both on the internet and in the real world.

All of these activities are aimed to allow readers to have dialogue with authors, publishers, and all elements of book publishing society.

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