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Book Readers, Let’s Celebrate!

In FAQ on 21/10/2010 at 19:02

Indonesia has several book events in every year, including Pesta Buku and Indonesia Book Fair. However, these events do not involve book readers as much as they do to publishers, authors, and book stores. Organizers of these events give lack of opportunities for book readers, particularly book readers’ community, to join the “celebration”.  For them, it is enough to give cheaper price for books that are sold during the events or to hold book launches to book readers.

The fact is these events do not enable book readers to interact to each other, or to authors or publishers. Book readers are longing for this room, in order to switch their function into the “agent of change” to attract more people to love reading .

For that reason, Goodreads Indonesia has initiated the Indonesia Readers Festival 2010. This festival is the “interaction room” for book readers, where they can celebrate their joy of reading books. Goodreads Indonesia also attempts to make this event to be the summit of all activities, related to book publishing and book reading.

During this festival, book readers can show their collection to public. People who attend this event can do other activities, such as book swap (exchanging books) or watching movies.

This festival aims to:

  • Gather book readers at national scale
  • Give opportunity for book readers to show their collections
  • Share the joy of reading to visitors
  • Allow book readers to exchange their collections
  • Screen movies that are adapted from novel, in order to show many aspects that a book can give.

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